Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nuna Innovative Baby Chairs

Nuna is the maker of award winning, eco-friendly baby gear. Not only are the products organic and chemical friendly, but so is the facility where they are manufactured. The result is a line of stylish, safe products you can enjoy.

The Leaf baby seat has a simple, yet brilliant design. The shape is inspired from nature, and the kinetic motion closely resembles the rocking motion of a mother's arms. It features a removable, washable, organic cotton padded insert and softly padded adjustable Velcro seat belt. One gentle push sets off two minutes of rocking without need of batteries, cords, or a motor, yet it easily switches to a stationary position. It has a mesh backing for gentle breezes. The seat also transitions easily to a toddler chair and big kid seat, supporting up to 130 lbs. Leaf is available in three colors: bisque, navy, and twilight.

The Zaaz high chair is designed with how families eat in mind. Along with the usual usage with tray, it also fits perfectly at the family dinner table so baby can eat alongside the rest of the family. The high chair features an easily removable arm bar, a smooth, gliding lift mechanism to easily raise and lower the seat, and an easily-cleaned air foam cushion. For safety, the high chair has a five point harness that smoothly converts to a three point harness for toddlers. Not only a high chair, Zaaz stays with your child for years, supporting a weight of up to 220 lbs.

Although children can be messy, cleanup is easy with all plastic parts removable and dishwasher safe, and the seat cushion is free of crevices for easy wiping. As can be expected from Nuna, all plastics used in the high chair are free of BPA and PVC. Available in a selection of colors, the Zaaz will be a stylish addition to your home.

At Dainty Baby, you can find Nuna baby chairs and anything else you will need for you and your baby. 

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  1. The second option is much more practical because it allows the child to be with the whole family at the dinner table.