Friday, June 28, 2013

How To Choose The Right Stroller For Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right stroller to fit your lifestyle can make all the difference in how much you will enjoy taking your child on outings in their stroller. Whether you are just running out to the store, taking your baby on a stroll through the zoo or finally going on a much needed vacation, you want a stroller that fits your family and lifestyle.

A few things to consider:

Your budget
When looking for a new stroller, first keep budget in mind. Strollers come in a huge range of prices and there are many affordable, yes excellent options on the market. 

Our picks
The Baby Jogger City Mini gives you quality, functionality and convenience while still going easy on the pocketbook. With features like a fully reclining seat, a large canopy  and a super easy, one handed fold, the City Mini offers durable style. Another great value is the UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, one of the lightest reclining umbrella strollers on the market. With great features like SPF 50+ canopy and stain resistant fabric, the G-Luxe makes an excellent and affordable companion for long or short trips. 

Single or Double stroller
When multi-tasking two children, there are many different double strollers to choose from with different styles and features. 

Our picks
For a double stroller that takes versatility to the next level, the Baby Jogger City Select can be arranged in over 16 unique configurations and allows the use of car seat adapters as well as a bassinet or stroller seats. Another great option would be the Mountain Buggy Duet which is the narrowest side by side full featured double stroller currently on the market. It is just over 25” wide which is the width of some single strollers. 

Age range
To make sure you get the most out of your stroller, find one that will have options to make accompanying your kiddo from birth to big kid easy. 

Our picks
The UPPAbaby Cruz is a great choice as it allows for a bassinet option for a newborn (must be purchased separately).  If you prefer not to use the bassinet, an infant insert cushion can be purchased. It also has a very large and roomy seat for children up to 50 lb and will accommodate a tall child with the height adjustable canopy. Another choice, the Mamas and Papas Urbo Stroller, not only comes in tons of funky colors, but allows you to position your baby at an almost flat recline (no bassinet required, however that option is available) to seated almost straight up. It is rear facing as well. 

Weight, Portability and Storage.
If you plan on traveling or making a lot of short trips, find a lightweight stroller to make life easier.  If you live in a small apartment or an apartment with a lot of stairs, keep that in mind as well because you need something that is lightweight and easy to carry and store.

Our picks
The Maclaren Quest is a lightweight stroller that is perfect for an everyday stroller.  It features a full recline, easy fold and a 5 point safety harness. 

If you take your child for long strolls around the neighborhood or for leisurely outings, there are many strollers that are very easy to maneuver and are built to make a long ride comfortable. 

Our picks
The Stokke Xplory features an adjustable seat to bring your baby closer to you as you explore. It also has large wheels for easy steering, even on rough and uneven surfaces.  The height makes it perfect for pulling up right to the table in a restaurant so baby can enjoy the meal too. The UPPAbaby Vista is also a great choice for long strolls.  It features shock absorbing front and rear suspension to ensure a smooth ride for your child, a very roomy seat and an extra large sun canopy. 

Essentially, all strollers do the same thing, however the path they take to get the job done  may differ completely from one another. Take time before you purchase your stroller to determine which features fit your lifestyle. What works for one family, may not work for you because of differing needs. Finding a good fit can make your trips smoother so that you can keep your mind on something that really matters, like the little one inside the stroller. 

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