Sunday, April 22, 2012

iiamo Go Self Warming Bottle

Ever wished there was a way to heat your bottles on the go without taking along an electronic bottle warmer or locating a hot water source? Well now there is! The iiamo Go is now available in the United States!!
What is the iiamo Go
The Go is the first feeding bottle in the world that warms 6 oz of milk up to the recommended 98.6F (body temperature) in about 4 minutes. No electricity, no cord, no limitations. iiamo go is dedicated to parents with a spontaneous twist to life. Go visit your friends, go shopping with no stress, go to a cafĂ©, go for a run, or go traveling. Avoid that long trip to the kitchen and back in the middle of the night. Once it's ready simply give the bottle a little shake to distribute heat evenly as you would normally. Always fill the bottle completely to ensure the milk heats up to 98.6F. Milk will remain warm for up to 30 minutes. 
How does iiamo work? 
Iiamo Warm disposable 'heating' cartridges are inserted into the base of the feeding bottle. These cartridges contain water and salt that mix together when it's activated and provide energy to heat the milk or formula in the bottle. Iiamo Go is made from 100% BPA Free material and also has a built-in anti-colic airing system. The bottle comes apart making it easy to clean so you can be completely certain that there will be no old leftovers and bacteria from the previous feed. Iiamo Go is dishwasher safe and also withstands boiling, however, because of the stainless steel in the base, it is NOT microwave safe.  
A variety of nipple sizes are available on for the go and cartridges come in packs of 5. This is a revolutionary product which will make night feedings and traveling so much more convenient.
iiamo is made in Denmark and designed by Karim Rashid.


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