Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bebe au Lait Reversible Double Sided Bib

This is one of the coolest new bibs on the market! Bebe au Lait managed somehow to reinvent the bib!! This bib is not only reversible by flipping it over, which many other bibs are, it also has two flaps each of which has two sides giving you a total of 4 clean areas to use as a bib. Check out the diagram which will probably clarify what I am trying to say:

Here’s how it works:

The bib has two large sides that cover baby’s chest. The narrow part connecting the two sides goes around the baby’s neck.
To use the first side, simply place side #1 in front of side #2. To use the second side, simply place side #1 behind side #2. When those two sides get dirty, you can flip the bib over, exposing the terrycloth side. Just as with the front of the bib, the back has two more “sides” that cover baby’s chest! To use the third side, place side #3 in front of side #4. To use the fourth side, place side #3 behind side #4.

Now honestly, I am not going to advise anyone to keep this bib around for a couple of days without washing just because you still have a couple of clean areas left. You can wash it before you use all four sides ;-) however this bib is really handy when going out for a while and you just NEED a clean bib, or when baby's meal is really! messy. It is also perfect for those days when the laundry just did not get done and you can still use this bib. It comes in adorable prints. One side is printed and one is terry with print trim. Check out all the Bebe au Lait bibs we have in stock.

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