Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bugaboo Frog Gets a Discount!!! Now $629!!!

When DD was born, I agonized over which stroller to buy. At that point, there were very few Bugs in the neighborhood and I could not fathom spending $729 (the price it was when I wanted to purchase it) on a stroller!! I was thinking about some other strollers like the Inglesina or the Mountain Buggy -all in the under $500 price range but somehow I kept turning back to the Bugaboo Frog. Everyone who owned it raved about it. As one store owner told me,"The only people who don't like Bugaboos are the people who don't have them!"

I decided to splurge and make the purchase, and after tax and the Valco cupholder that I added to my purchase, it cost me over $800. Whoa!!! But, I loved, and still love my Frog to bits so it was worth it. I was glad I got it then because shortly after I purchased it the price jumped to $759!

Zoom ahead to March 2009. I am browsing the internet and see the Bugaboo Frog priced everywhere at $629!! I know Bugaboo doesn't allow discounting so what is going on? Turns out, they dropped the price!!

Whoo Hoo!!

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