Friday, March 20, 2009

BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier

As you may have read, I have been using a Hotsling to wear DS when I needed to be handsfree or when I did not have a stroller for him. However, I found that he was getting quite heavy and hard to carry because all his weight was being carried on one shoulder. I did some research, much of it at, which is an excellent resource for anyone looking for more information on baby wearing. It can be overwhelming at first but there are people there who will help you navigate through the site.
Anyway, I was considering a soft structured carrier and a Mei Tai and ended up going with a Mei Tai because of the adjustability factor. I am thrilled with my choice. Because babywearing is not big in my area, I did not really have any place to try out carries so I read reviews and decided on the BabyHawk. There are other great brands out there that I would love to try but I started with this.
Mine has black straps with this fabric. There are tons of choices but this is what I went with.

It is soooo comfortable. My DS loves it and I wear him around the house alot. I do mostly back carries and find it easy to carry him like that. I still put him on my back near a couch or bed so that we have a soft landing spot in case something happens, but the tying is getting easier. One thing I have found super helpful in distributing the weight so that more of it is on my hips and less on my shoulders is making a twist (lexi twist) around the small of the babies back.
That little trick has made a huge difference. I have tried some other tweaks such as creating a chest tie (I am not that familiar with the correct verbiage) but the back twist helped the most.
In my opinion, babywearing is worth a shot. Although you may prefer to transport your baby in a stroller, you will see how handy a baby carrier ends up being.

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  1. I love babywearing and wish i would have discovered it with my two older children...
    I too have a hot sling and Love it but want to try something new. A Mei Tai is my next step and I LOVE the looks so nice, but I am not willing to spend that much money so I am hopefully making my own...
    Cheers to babywearing.