Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We now carry Wubbanub!

Thanks to some of my online friends who so kindly recommended new products for me to carry, I am proud to announce that we now carry Wubbanubs!!
When DS was tiny, I tried a number of pacifiers, all of which he refused to suck. One night, when he couldn't be calmed, I grabbed a Soothie pacifier I had laying around from when my nieces were by me, washed it with soap (although I probably should have sterilized it!! Oh well!! ) and put it into his mouth. Silence!! I had finally discovered a pacifier he liked!! I got a million comments on it and people literally stopped me on the street to find out what he was sucking. You don't see Soothies in my area!!
Anyway, I went online to look for stores to buy the Soothie -there are none that I was able to find in my neighborhood- and I discovered Wubbanubs!!
A Wubbanub is a small stuffed animal that is actually sewn to the tab portion of the Soothie pacifier. Because there is a stuffed animal attached, the pacifier is weighted down and stays in the babies mouth.
As an aside, Soothie pacifiers are made of medical grade silicone so they are perfect for people who suffer from latex allergies!
The idea sounded perfect and I really wanted to try it however about 2 months after he finally took a pacifier, he discovered his two fingers and that was the end of the pacifier. So, I never got to try out the Wubbanub.
I am glad I rediscovered it when a number of people suggested that I carry it. It is adorable and looks like a great product.I can't wait to hear feedback from my customers!!

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