Sunday, January 25, 2009

Other Baby Store closings

Seems like Babystyle, Tiny Ride and Right Start may be closing too. Last year, a number of Babystyle stores closed down which sort of forcasted what is happening now. has reported that these three stores will now be closing down for good. What is your theory about why this is happening now. Obviously the economy is making it difficult for all retailers to survive, but what is it about baby retailers that so many of them are closing down? Please post comments if you have something to add.

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  1. Baby Center's closing is most likely due to poor management since they have a fantastic ecommerce platform. In my opinion, It seems that the purchasing agents let their egos and personal tastes drive the company rather than products that actually work and have proven themselves profitable. In regards to Right Start and their demise, I share similar thoughts combined with their seemingly non-aggressive purchasing department and always seemingly putting the cart in front of the horse on many projects and simply bit=off more than they could chew or payback. Hmmm, I kind of sound like a distributor who was hung out to dry. Sorry about that!